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Jide 1600S

Year : 1972 
Km : 700 Kilometers  ( odometer reading ) 
Transmission : Mechanical 5 Speed 
Colour : Red, personalised by Costa 


Just Sold

Biarritz Sports and Classic Cars (BSCC) is pleased to present this Jidé 1600 S. 
A traditional French manufacturer, Jidé, headed by Jacques Durand, produced only 133 cars between 1969 and 1974.  
Initially, these cars were based on the R8 Gordini engine, and later evolved into the 1600S, which was powered by the R12 Gordini engine. 
After Jidé was sold, Mr Durand set up the Scora company, which produced other sports cars, but that's another story.... 
This Jidé was fully restored in 2018. Virtually everything has been redesigned and optimised with racing in mind. 
In fact, it took part in the 2019 Tour Auto and remains eligible for a number of historic events. 
Customisation by Fernando Costa, an internationally renowned artist, makes it unique and even more desirable. 
Behind the wheel, it's a pure delight. The car is light and easy to handle. The brakes have bite. The R12 Gordini's engine roars in the driver's ears. The gearbox linkage has been stiffened and optimised to allow easy gear changes. Only tall people will be have difficulties to extricate themselves and survive inside this small cabin. 
This rare and exotic Jidé is part of France's automotive heritage of the early 1970s. Rare on the market, and even rarer in this configuration, this is an almost unique opportunity to acquire one. 
This vehicle comes with a warranty of up to 12 months and financing of up to 84 months. 


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