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Porsche 356 Speedster Replica By PGO

Year : 1970

Mileage : 3 535 Km

Transmission : Manual, 4 speed

Color : Metallic Grey with Black Interior


Just Sold

Biarritz Sports And Classic Cars is delighted to present this stunning Porsche 356 Speedster replica made by PGO.


The work of Erwin Komenda is universally recognized as a cult classic. The 356 Speedster was originally intended for the American market.

Importer Max Hoffman saw the potential for a 'Speedster' version, sportier than the European 356s, on the Californian coast.


Among Hoffman's customers was a certain Steve McQueen, who fell under the spell of the Speedster's sleek, elegant lines. It can also be seen in the film "Le Mans 66" with Carroll Shelby at the wheel, interpreted́ by Matt Damon.


The model we are offering is a replica of this 1950s icon, produced in the 1990s by the French companý PGO.

This famous French SME, founded in the early 90s, began by making replicas before moving into production vehicles.

This replica is based on a Volkswagen Beetle chassis that has been shortened and on which a fibreglass body has been fitted.


The whole thing is very similar to the original. As the vehicle has been transformed in France, the registration document with the modified type is fully compliant and will not pose any insurance problems.


Powered by a 1600 engine developing around 50 bhp, this is a real summer car. Its elegant discretion makes it the perfect cabriolet for two.

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