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Porsche 914/6

Year : 1970

Km : 31 080 Odometer reading

Transmission : Manual 5 speed

Colour : Orange, black interior


Biarritz Sports And Classic Cars (BSCC) is pleased to present this Porsche 914-6.


A symbol of the strong link between Porsche and Volkswagen since the Beetle, the 914 was born to expand the range of the two German brands. For Porsche, it represented the opportunity to develop an entirely new model at a lower cost, sold at a more affordable price than the 911. For Volkswagen, it introduced a new sports car to its range, benefiting from the expertise of the Stuttgart factories.


It was offered in two variants: the 914-4 with a four-cylinder Volkswagen engine, and the 914-6 with a six-cylinder Porsche engine.


The model we are presenting is a 2L flat-6 version marketed by Sonauto in 1970. At the time, the French dealer also offered kits to boost the engine from the original 110 bhp to 150 bhp.


Our model wears its 'Signal Orange' paintwork very well, a typical colour of the 70s.


The overall condition of the car is very good, as the expert's report that came with the vehicle states: the bodywork and engine have been restored.

The exhaust, brakes, shock absorbers, universal joints and carburetors have also been replaced.


Since its delivery by Sonauto, this 914 has had 5 owners. This 914 is Matching Numbers and Matching Color.


Behind the wheel, you immediately notice the spartan, minimalist interior. The car's lightness and mid-rear engine make for an accessible and balanced drive.


A genuine 1970s roadster, the removable roof is easy to stow away in the boot for those sunny days. It should be noted, however, that the gearbox requires some dexterity from the driver.

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