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Bentley Brooklands

YEAR : 1993

KM : 82.000 (51.200 Miles)

TRANSMISSION : Automatic 4 Speed

TYPE : Sedan

COLOR : Brooklands Green & Cream  Interior


Just Sold

Immerse yourself in the luxury of the 90s, with a mix of leather, precious wood and chrome.


The Bentley Brooklands was launched in 1993 to replace the Mulsanne.


Its public price was just under a million French Francs ...


It is powered by the V8 Roll Royce of 6.75 liters developing 300 hp which is able to take the 2.4 tons of the car to more than 210 Km/h


A production of about 1200 vehicles all assembled by hand at the Crewe factory in England.


This Bentley was originally sold in California.

It was imported to Europe in 2000 at 15,000 miles.

The last owner bought it in 2008 at just 48,000 miles.


Before delivery, the vehicle will receive the following repairs:

Change of a headlamp,

Change of intermediate exhaust,

Change of the steering rack,

Change of brake distribution valve,

Change of the 4 tires.


At the steering wheel, you are installed in a true "rolling lounge" with all the charm of British vehicles in this category and that period. Silence and appeasement reign on board. The sound of the big V8 is hardly noticeable. A majestic sedan for a fraction of the price new.

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