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MG A Roadster

Year : 1958

Mileage: 20,770 miles on the odometer

Transmission : 4 Speed

Type : Roadster

Colour : Dark green, Black interior


Just Sold

Biarritz Sports And Classic Cars is pleased to present this pleasant little MGA MKI roadster from 1958.

It is powered by the Austin-B engine of 1489cc with a 4 speed gearbox.

With the promise of 100 Miles/hour (+/- 160Km/hour), (for the bravest of us ...), a pleasant aesthetic and a reasonable price, this little roadster seduced a good number of customers mainly located in the United States.


This MG A was imported from the US in 1993.

There is no history file for this car but the Histovec report specifies about 15,000 km since 1993.


We are not in the presence of a Concours vehicle but rather a car in good general condition with a few paint defects and rust spots.


In the hands of the same owner since 2013, he has used it little but has taken good care of it.

- 4 Recent spoked rims

- The bonnet is recent and in very good condition.

- The chassis is in good condition

- It is equipped with a stainless steel silencer.

- An additional fan has been installed

- The gauges are all functional including the fuel gauge...


The engine will be overhauled before the sale together with the brakes.


At the steering wheel, the engine starts at the quarter turn. No suspicious smoke. The gears shift easily.

The pleasure of driving a small convertible from the late 50's remains a privileged moment.

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