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MG B Roadster

Year : 1978

Km : 94856 Miles

Transmission : 4 Gears

Colour : Red, Black interior


Biarritz Sports And Classic Cars (Bscc) is pleased to present you this 1978 MG Roadster


This is an American MKIV version called "Rubber Bumpers".  This version was powered by the 1798cc block, fitted with a Zenith carburettor which developed just over 60 bhp.


The car was imported from California in 1994 and remained in the hands of the same owner until she was 88 years old !


The restoration of the time will deserve to be resumed. This little MG, however, is running well and has been maintained over the years as the invoice file shows.

The hood is recent, the original Zenith carburettor has been replaced by a SU HU6S. Some defects and rust blisters on the bodywork are present. The exhaust should be reattached correctly.


The road test is correct. The car starts without any suspicious smoke, the engine runs smoothly, the gears shift without cracking.


Once restored, it will be a nice convertible to drive, perfect for sunny Sundays.

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