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Mini Bristish Open SPI

YEAR : 1996

KM : 24.272


TYPE : Hatchback

COLOR : Dark Grey with Red Interior

Just Sold

Mini British Open in a very rare & original color, dark grey.


The engine is a 1275CC SPI


This vehicle has been restored and restyled with taste.


Many elements have been reviewed & changed;

- Floors, bodywork, painting,

- Sunroof hood

-Interior redone and personalized: Door panel, upholstery, « turned aluminium » dashboard

-Suspensions, Brakes, wheels and tires

-Clutch, gearbox

-Radiator, Hoses, Alternator,…

-Stainless steel exhaust


The road test is very good and related to the work undertaken on the vehicle.

The engine started straight away and heats up normally. Shifting and braking are direct and straightforward.


A mini very pleasant to drive with its small 53hp engine which is more than enough for the 700kg of the beauty.

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