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Rover Mini 1000

YEAR : 1985

KM : 87.500 Km

TRANSMISSION : Manual 4 speed

BODY : Coupe

COLOUR : White with Blue interior



This is a very nice Mini 1000 from 1985.

The Histovec report traces the various technical controls and it is therefore likely that the mileage displayed is real.

The technical control is favourable despite some minor defects.


There are a few traces of rust but, in principle, nothing perforating.

The chassis seems sound.


However, despite a nice presentation, let's not fool ourselves, this Mini needs to be restored.


There is at least the following to do

Engine side: rocker arm cover gasket and exhaust manifold gasket to be replaced

Chassis: Rear suspension and rear brakes to be revised.

Bodywork: Partial or complete repainting depending on your budget.

Interior: It is complete and original. You will have to choose between keeping it or replacing it with a custom interior.


The road test is conclusive. The engine starts immediately, no suspicious smoke. At the wheel, the car brakes straight and the gears shift easily without cracking. The little 1100cc engine works fine.

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