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Year: 1989

Km : 60 000

Transmission : 5 speed mechanical

Colour : Red, Grey interior


Price : Euros 62 900

The BMW Z1 is the first model of the Z series, which stands for "Zukunft", future in German.


Very innovative for its time, it became a collector's item with a production of only 8000 units.


Resolutely futuristic, the aerodynamics were one of the Z1's strong points.

In addition to the flat underbody, the body shape also contributed to the excellent aerodynamics.

Even the exhaust outlet was designed to be aerodynamically friendly, as it is located in front of the diffuser, right in the air flow.


When passengers enter the BMW Z1's cabin through the electrically opening doors, they have the unprecedented choice of whether or not to close them for the journey. Thanks to the high side skirts, safety in the event of a side collision was so high that it was permissible to drive with the doors open.


In theory, the panels of the car could be removed with a simple screwdriver to change the colour of the car as desired, but the supply and use did not follow...


This model in the "Top Rot" livery, "Grau" (grey) interior has a mileage of only 60,000km.


This car was imported from Germany in 1992 and has 3000km

3 French owners, the last one since 1999.


The maintenance has been regularly done and a file of invoices is in our possession since 1993.


The distribution and the water pump have been changed at 59000km

It is equipped with 4 new tyres.

The bonnet and front bumper have just been repainted.


At the wheel, the combination of the 6 cylinders delivering 170 hp and the possibility to drive with the doors down will give you immediate and very original sensations


A collector that combines reliability, style and sportiness

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